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Research on security of information sharing in Internet of Things based on key algorithm
With the popularization of mobile devices and the development of wireless networks, the use of mobile devices to access services is becoming more and more popular. It is becoming more and more popular for users to access servers by using mobile terminals to obtain services. At the same time, the server to obtain the user’s privacy information will also become more and more, and this privacy information is obtained without the user’s knowledge of the situation. Therefore, how to not only protect the confidentiality of sensitive data of users but also provide safe, reliable and convenient services is a hot issue for research.In this paper, the user privacy and security issues and solutions on the Internet are discussed. The issue generated by accessing the server to obtain the required information based on the mobile device has got in-depth study. The main work is as follows: Firstly, the common methods of privacy protection is introduced, and the methods of attribute-based encryption and homomorphic encryption are analyzed in detail. According to the existing homomorphic encryption scheme and base station knowledge applied to the mobile network model, a privacy protection scheme based on homomorphic encryption is proposed. Finally, this paper analyzes and summarizes the important problems that still exist in the interaction between mobile and access server, and points out the research direction in the next step. "
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