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      title = {Green Internet of Things for Smart World},
      abstract = {Smart world is envisioned as an era in which objects  (e.g., watches, mobile phones, computers, cars, buses, and  trains) can automatically and intelligently serve people in  a collaborative manner. Paving the way for smart world,  Internet of Things (IoT) connects everything in the smart  world. Motivated by achieving a sustainable smart world,  this paper discusses various technologies and issues  regarding green IoT, which further reduces the energy  consumption of IoT. Particularly, an overview regarding IoT  and green IoT is performed first. Then, the hot green  information and communications technologies (ICTs) (e.g.,  green radio-frequency identification, green wireless sensor  network, green cloud computing, green machine to machine,  and green data center) enabling green IoT are studied, and  general green ICT principles are summarized. Furthermore,  the latest developments and future vision about sensor  cloud, which is a novel paradigm in green IoT, are reviewed  and introduced, respectively. Finally, future research  directions and open problems about green IoT are presented.  Our work targets to be an enlightening and latest guidance  for research with respect to green IoT and smart world.},
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