Database-Assisted Spectrum Access in Dynamic Networks: A Distributed Learning Solution

This paper investigates the problem of database-assisted spectrum access in dynamic TV white spectrum networks, in which the active user set is varying. Since there is no central controller and information exchange, it encounters dynamic and incomplete information constraints. To solve this challenge, we formulate a state-based spectrum access game and a robust spectrum access game. It is proved that the two games are ordinal potential games with the (expected) aggregate weighted interference serving as the potential functions. A distributed learning algorithm is proposed to achieve the pure strategy Nash equilibrium (NE) of the games. It is shown that the best NE is almost the same with the optimal solution and the achievable throughput of the proposed learning algorithm is very close to the optimal one, which validates the effectiveness of the proposed game-theoretic solution.

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IEEE Access
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Vol. 3 (2015) pp. 1071-1078,
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